Sunday, June 14, 2009


Taiwan is known for bikes not for bikers … This being said there are not many people who ride with us. There are people who come out to our trails and watch us ride, watch us jump and watch us shovel. And most people are amazed by at least two of these things. Most watch and wish that it does not take progression to hit step downs, drops, dirt jumps or just ride a corner with some speed. There is one Taiwanese rider who comes out to the jumps a couple of times a month. Her balls are bigger than all of the other riders who have come out to ride. If we tell her that she can hit something. Nine times out of ten she will hit it.

She rocks …

Penny launching 20 - 25 foot step down. (left)

Chasing James down the step down (right).

Today was the first time she ever dropped a wood bridge. Training for the bigger drop.