Saturday, June 20, 2009

Typhoon Day/Bike Check

Typhoon Day:

A typhoon is just south of Taiwan. The weather network has predicted it will arrive sometime on Saturday or Sunday. There was a lot of wind here this morning but no rain. James and I decided that we would take our chances with the weather and head out to the jumps. We ended up taping the camera and tripod up in a tree and got some cool shots.

Bike Check:

Here are a couple of shots with me and my Wildcard. I built up my medium sized Wildcard with parts that came off other bikes and will be slowly upgraded. The fork is a fox talas 36, the rear shock is an xfusion H3 (testing for, the wheels are halo sas rims built on tank hubs (not the lightest wheels, good enough for now), the cranks, pedals, stem and bars are all from Deity (hope to get some upgrades soon). I have been running Avid Juicy 7's on my past couple of bikes and I have no complaints, so I am running them on this bike too. I am not sure what the weight is as I have never put a bike on a scale. I go more on feel than weight.

Here is a shot of James with his medium sized Wildcard. We were trying to get a new X Fusion Vengeance, but the Taiwanese distributor will not have any stock until we have already left for Canada. He ended up going with a Rock Shox Lyric 2 Step Air. His rear shock is a Fox DHX 5.0 and we spent a good part of today getting his suspension some what dialed. He is running Race Face Atlas cranks, a Gamut chain guide and a combo of XT and Juicy 7 brakes. If anyone wants to donate us some brake hose for Juicy 7 brakes or do a rebuild on a set of XT brakes we will not turn you down.

Keep riding, be safe.

Rob Dunnet

P.S. Jay gave me a couple of blog rules a couple months back. One was no man ass ... this is as close as I can come to breaking that rule.

Edit: Jay has four simple rules for the blog (see his comment), as I was testing my version of the UCI skin suit yesterday I came pretty close to breaking the one I hoped to never break.