Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crap on MY desk... has gotta to go

I know raceface already does stuff on my desk or "crap" ... not sure but something like that. Well there not the only people that have crap on their desk.

So I want to give back to our Banshee riders with some free stuff.

I know they're a bit old but I have 4 copies of NSXVIII [8] and hope they can find a good home.

I'll also be getting rid of other stuff as time goes on.

So to get one do the following.
1] tell me what is the guy who made the videos -Todd Fianders- nickname. What do most people call him besides Todd Fiander [hint: starts with a "D"]
2] tell me which bike you have
and lastly
3] write a review of your bike on and send me your user name.

Thats it.
Just send an email to subject line "Contest" I'll pick 4 winners at the end of this week.

To start is videos but i have other bike part goodies that I will be giving away as well in the future