Monday, June 8, 2009

BC Cup #2

Update: We have video footage ... see below [ gets credit where i poached it off of]. I think this is Deans helmet cam footage but not 100% sure so i won't give him credit until i know for sure

One word could sum up BC Cup #2… crashes, crashes and more crashes.

It was unbelievably loose with the finest dust, choking the riders, and hiding death holes that would eat your front tire leaving you with no where to go but over the bars. If you did manage to navigate the holes using the “force” then you had to contend with your corners washing out on you.

DSC_0073The course conditions were always changing as well so one could not count on his practice run for any indication for line choice and you just had to gamble it was still as it was when you sessioned the techinical bits.

The 2 days were hot but I’ll take a race in Kamloops heat any day over racing in SE Asia, heat, where it will be 10 degrees hotter with less wind, and Kamloops has way less creepy crawlies in the bushes which is a bonus.DSC_0155

I wasn’t racing this weekend and spent my time running around with my camera documenting everything. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be in BC so I took a pass on signing up for the races, but I’m kinda kicking myself because it looks like a ton of fun.

But our gang of Banshee/Trident industry guys –Dalen, Zac, Michelle, were tearing it up and Tony, Kane and I were doing all the support for the race and for anyone else that needed help. The crew Michelle, then L-R Zac, Kane, Tony, Dalen

DSC_0007 DSC_0014

It was really awesome and we had something like 400 DH racers in attendanceDSC_0070

I finally got a chance to meet Dean which was awesome , but hunted high and low for Matt Brooks the guy who does almost all the building and maintenance for the Bike Ranch where the race was being held.

Update: It looks like Wayne P was responsible for the course. Sorry for the confusion.Matt no longer is doing the park stuff. Matt did mention he got a job with Red bull so thats super awesome.

We drove up Saturday morning to get setup and let the guys do some practice runs, and then later in the day session a bunch of the tougher lines. JS from Transition was also with our crew on the way up as his sponsors DSC_0212include Trident who help him out with Manitou gear.

Near the end of the course was a particularly tough section that had 1 faster pseudo line that people were sure if it would be taped off during the race or not. We found out later it was left open but numerous other “cheater” lines did get shut. So a lot of time was spent trying to figure out the fastest way through. Dean made it look easy but others weren’t so lucky.

DSC_0067Race day came and I scoped out the best places I could find to get some shots of the guys. I was bummed to find out I had missed Deans run and didn’t get any of him with his race face on. I do however manage to catch the rest of the crew who were spread between various classes so it was a lot of hiking up and down the mountain all day waiting to see if it was them popping around a corner. Although this one guy had the sweetest spot… just hope he had a very long zoom.

So here are some of the pics of the race.

It was a lot of good times and special nod to Bob Santorum for keeping the laughs coming.

Next race is Panorama and a quick detour across to Calgary and visit my friends at Bow Cycle.

Oh and Zac… I checked. McDonalds doesn’t make their apple pies out of apple flavored turnips

Update: As a PSA please be on the look out for these bikes that were stolen at the race.

Race the Ranch DH 2009 from Dean Wilkes on Vimeo.