Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camp of Champions starts this weekend

Its gonna be another great year at Camp.10_july_COC_mikecranephoto_005

Why is it going to be so cool?

We’ll Alan Hepburn will be coaching again this year and I think Dustin Greenhall will be doing a couple sessions as well.

I’m trying to see if Rob Dunnet - whose flying in from Taiwan and Banshee/Straitline spono’d rider- can also tag along for a couple sessions. What he lacks in riding he makes up for in personality so the kids will love him.

There are still a few spots open in camps B, C, and D.

In addition to learning mad skills from the pros you’ll also get a whole bunch of other cool things to do.

On the Banshee side of things we’re going to have Wildcards, Scythes, and Rampants to play and learn on as well.

I’ll be going up hopefully a couple times each week to give away Amp frames and when the  camps are all over. We sell off the bikes for cost so imagine getting a 4K bike for around 2K… basically if you need a new bike you might as well get a camp out of it since you’d still be ahead in the pocket book.

So if you’re interested check out the link here