Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guillames New Scythe

Banshee scythe review

Well after a long wait i finally receive my frame (with the new
rockers) the day before i left for Whistler.
The build kit was ready for quite a long time.

Shock : Fox DHX 5
Spring : Titanium
Crankset :Race face diabolus
Chain guide black spire
Wheels : spinergy
Fork : 66 RC2X 2007
Brakes : Formula Oro K18
Stem : Thomson
Handelbar : sunline V2
seat : Fizik Nisene
seat tube thomson
derraileur : X0
Pedals : Wellgo MG1
Tyre : High roller 2.5

Once I arrivied in whistler i was super excited to give a shot to that new baby.
Before I tried i thought the head angle was bit too steep but after few runs on B line and other karate monkey (blue run) I felt super confortable. Then I send myself in CRank it up with all the easy jump.
The bike jump so well i feel safe and it’s supra manoeuvrable in the air. The pretty low BB allows to corner like hell and when the bike start to drift it’s easy to keep the drift clean and good.

Well I had so much fun riding whistler with that bike (keith can
I can’t wait to rip my local trail

The scythe is the perfect bike for freeride simple, safe and very efficent

Then a big thank you to Jay, keith and all the banshee pride

thank you again for the frame

I love it


Dean said...

That is a really nice looking bike.

Looks like the perfect Whistler bike.

Guillaume said...

few update:

the bike is 19kg with dh tube and it can be down a good 2kg with few other part

the details on the bike (weld, CNC part, ...) are like usual on banshees is amazing

The suspension is super progressive it's super plush on small bump and become harder on big hit.

the frame is quite it just need to be well protected on chain stay and seat stay

I rode it a bit in the shore I cleared some line i wasn't able to do on my scream on some steep and technical section ( straight line on empress) with the lower bar, lower centre of gravity

and you can pedal as well I was living at Base 2 (foam pit) in Whistler the I had to pedal up to glacier drive every night after ride i was so happy to have a so efficiency bike for pedalling and long seat tube

The awrsome thing in my point of view of the scythe is that you can build it as a freeride bike but if you do be carefull of the componnent you can have a big enduro bike a good versatile bike

i had the chance to ride it on my local trail it's amazing every coner are faster and cleaner the bike add flow on my trail
I thought I ll be depressed back in France after a month of riding Whistler but the bike suits perfectly the home trail style (big berm, jump, drops etc )

to conclude that bike is such an awesome ride the freeride like we liked to do years ago is not dead this bike is the perfect match for real freeride and the new school riding style

Bike-Store Roma said...

Is there the new swing link?

Keith Scott said...

yes there is. Another bike company threatened to sue us, as they felt that the scythe design was copying their frame aesthetically. So we changed the aesthetics to avoid paying for overpriced lawyers.

guillaume said...

and i think it's nicer

Anonymous said...

I want to buy a 2009 Marz 66 RC3 to put on my Scythe, but can anyone tell me if the newer Marz 66 RC3s with the large knob on crown left side will clear the downtube OK.

Keith Scott said...

The 2009 Marz 66 RC3 will fit, but you may have issues if you want to use a zero stack headset. but with any external bearing race headset it should fit just fine.

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