Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day one of Sol Vista G3 and Banhsee earns THREE podiums!

Team Dead Bros Banshee is fully representing at Sol Vista for the Mountain States Cup season finaly. With three days of racing, the team is standing tall with two podiums. "But i thought you said three?!?" Well that is because the Columbian speeder
Marcelo Gutierrez made a sudden appearance in Colorado.

Randomly running into him on the course, it was great to meet more of the Banshee pride crew. With no more then four runs of practice, Marcelo came in and took fourth. "I did alright," Marcelo says, "Hoping for better tomorrow. Rachel fresh on her hot chrome and black Scythe had a total of five runs on the bike before CRUSHING the competition and took the first place. Curt came away second after a rerun due to a massive crash ahead of him on his first run.

With two more full days of racing we will be sure to see more Banshee bikes flying through the trees of Sol Vista Colorado More photos and reports to come!