Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day two and more medal!

Day two of SolVista G3 was featured on Silky Johnson... chainless! The trail has a total of some 75 berms. The chainless format turned todays racing into a skills competition. Who can slam through turns the fastest and keep the speed high. Don't touch the brakes!!! Rachel Bauer flew threw with the winning time to take the top spot and control the overall lead for the weekend. Curt finished strong is second with a 15 second deficiete under first. Side note, Curt took a nasty indo in the trees and bile drove his face into a berm. He is doing alright, little sore and now has a cracked grill. He is smiling big and looking forward to tomorrows race.

SORRY for no photos! Check back or on my blog for more stuff.