Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rain and more as usual in England

well we've had one of the wettest months on record here in England this August...and frankly it sucks, the pubs are doing a roaring trade as everyone drowns their sorrows in booze ;)

its pretty much rained every day, but as its still warm, once the rain stops, it dries out pretty damn quick, and you gotta make the most of the dry patches to get out and ride, whatever kind of riding you are into

I've been working like a madman recently, and also waiting for my fork to come back from warranty so its been lots and lots of BMX every evening, here's a shot from my local skatepark which is a 2 minute ride from my house in London

Rob - Footplant tap on the big flatbank at Cantelowes

Toby Fenner (Esher trail crew) has been getting to grips with his Mythic Scythe after a holiday to France to ride the big mountains of Morzine

I have been "encouraging" him to ride his Scythe on the dirt jumps, and he seems to be getting into jumping on a sprung bike rather than his usual 24" DJ hardtail

Toby whipping his Scythe through the 5th

The shop has been busy, with this custom build recently rolling out of our workshop, ready for a demo ride by one of Keith's lady friends...

Rune custom build

Since being built on Thursday, there have been several car-park test rides by interested customers, and people asking about Rune builds on finance schemes, so it shows that pulling a frame off the ceiling and building it up can create results

Rune custom build - front on angle

The Rune does look really pretty with the white bits matching the white graphics...hmmmm


Rob C