Sunday, August 3, 2008

Big weekend filled with heavy camera bags and four podiums.

This was the weekend to be in Colorado! Not only was Crankworx Colorado going off HUGE for the second year in a row, the MSC was also hosting the Sol Survivor. Just in case you haven't heard about the MSC, check the 2008 Photo Annual of Bike Magazine and they will let you know why the MSC rocks your face off!

The second annual Crankworx Colorado set off Friday with the DH racing. Rumors in the hills said the race, and i quote, "It's going to suck. The course is lame, its in the middle of no where... don't go." Fear none, Team Dead Bros Banshee arrived in Winter Park Colorado with one goal for the weekend, make an impact. And that we did. Be it myself riding the dh course on a ss hardtail with a 30lbs camera bag, or Linden being the tall, extremely white, loud/supportive guy walking around the slope style finals as a mobile light stand. Thanks homie! Could not have gotten the shots without you.

But let us not forget Ms. Rachel Bauer whom showed up to Winter Park two hours before race time, got one "practice" run in, then sprinted back to the start to set off her race run. I barely knew what was going on when i could see Rachel's hunter orange gloves glowing in the distance. No sooner was my camera up that Rachel was gone like a blur.

What seemed like a minute went by when the racing was over and the crews were clearing the tape. Curt and myself (Curt on his Rune and myself on my ss scirocco) started down the dh course, both of us grinning from ear to ear. With the dh course clear and only the two of us riding, of course we had to stop for some photo ops. Check back here and on my site for more photos.

So long story short... blah blah blah.... Rachel earned the number three seat for Pro Women at the 2008 Crankworx CO DH!!!

Now onto Sol Vista's Sol Survivor!!! So i could go on and on and on about the Dual Slalom course, BUT, if you weren't there... you won't really know. SO! sorry. But let me do say this; the course was SICK! Rumors flying that it could be the best in the nation. Hmmmm.... maybe that is why Nationals is there next year. I will also say that the riders were straight slaying the course! You could have made a "how to video" from the racing. So i told you all that, but i didn't mention the fact that it was under the lights! The first time for the MSC, Sol Vista hosted the ds race at night under lights. I will also slide in the bit of info that Rachel AND Curt were riding for the podium on their extra butter sweet Banshee bikes. Rachel on the Rampant and Curt racing ds on his Rune, both racing to the podium!

I was unfortunately lounging in the VIP room at Crankworx, because of rain delay, when Curt raced so i don't have a first hand experience. However, in the fine words of Curt himself, "It was anti-climatic. It was fun, alot of fun. The Rune was great for this course." (I will poke at Curt to get a little more out of him for you guys...)

With the sun fully set, the pros filled the top of the hill and lined up for racing. It was amazing to see them all ride. The control and speed the had was mind blowing. the 200 yard long course (rough estimate) seemed like a fifty yard dash watching the pro riders. Rachel was no different. Her riding earned her second place!

Finally, to the main event, the dh race! Let me just say, Sol Vista can build some trails. If you are reading this and can drive, better yet pedal, to Sol Vista.... DO IT! $10 gets you a day pass for one of the best lift served bike parks in Colorado. The dh course only further confirmed why Sol Vista deserves to host the 2009 Nationals. Rock gardens, high speed berms, booters, table tops, hit to berm, and the list continues. Although a short course, pro men first was about 2min22sec, it tested your skills and endurance. The course was no easy win either. The categories were packed. I forgot to mention... Sol Survivor was also the Colorado State Championship race.

When Curt came screaming past me, I figured he was taking first. The speed and control he was holding through the berm section was awesome. Oh, I forgot something else, Curt raced the dh on his Rune. Unfortunitely racing does not always go your way, nor did it go Curt's way this weekend. A small bobble caused Curt to go course and his front wheel got stuck in a tree. The 20 seconds lost there would have been a lead over first... such is racing.

Rachel had qualified third overall for the pro women. She felt good throughout the course, but knew there were some areas to approve. "I never hit the rock gardens at full speed in practice. I'm just going to keep it smooth and make it through clean." Again a small bobble causing destruction, Rachel went OTB high on the course taking away from her normal fire. She made her way down course gaining time where ever possible. Rachel is a spin freak, which has proved to pay off in her sprinting power. Even with a crash high on the course Rachel still finished forth over all in the Pro Women.