Sunday, August 10, 2008

Colorado Racing Update

Weekend off? Naw, go go go GO GO!!! Snowmass Colorado went off this weekend with the first of two G3 races. What's G3 you ask? Well just put your little mouse clicker right.... HERE! to find out. For those lazy folk here is a quick layout. G# is a gravity only race (MSC races usually have endurance as well), two downhill races and super d. Banshee rider Curt Clementson rode hard all weekend one his new Scythe. However due to rr shox malfuction, Curt ended up racing the super d and 2nd dh on his Rune. Not only did Curt come home with a podium from each gravity race (2nd dh #1, 3rd super d and 1st dh #2), he also was number one overall in his class, Expert 40+ (Yup he has got some years but can kill it on a bike). Curt ripped it all weekend long and was extremely happy to do so well. Special thanks goes out to Jay for helping out Team Dead Bros. Thanks buddy! Pride 22

Curt slaying the muddy course Sunday. I forgot to mention the fact that the Colorado skies unleashed an unusual amount of rain all weekend long. it is isn't dust in snowmass it is mud!