Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sponsors and Riders... oh the games

So I was hanging out with Greg from Straitline at Crankworx and he got a room for Jeff Lanosky and family a floor down [SL spono's Jeff]. Greg has been tanking the crap out of Jeff with his made up invisible stalker named Lee... however Jeff thinks the dude is real.
Heres an excerpt from an email forwarded to Jeff from Greg

"Hey Lee, the helmet is what it is, used just once during his demo, clean but the foam was used so sweat did touch it. I went over it for a hair but no dice.

The cell number is $125 sorry but I can get what I want for this on ebay so your call. Underwear cannot be verified but it was found near his rental in the parkade it is up to you but it was when he was packing up to go.

Talk soon!

From: Lee Murray []
Sent: Monday, aug 20, 2008 8:41 PM
To: inf0@straitlinecomponent.c0m

Well, if I can get the cell number for 70 I will consider the underwear. How do you know they are his anyways? Last time you sent me hair with the pedals I felt kinda burnt on the deal. How do I even know it was his!
Let me know, 70 is my offer.

[2:03:50 PM] Greg Parish says: I made a fake email and sent it to jeff
[2:04:04 PM] Greg Parish says: he has a stalker so i fabricated ame responding lol
[2:04:07 PM] Greg Parish says: me funny
[2:22:36 PM] Jay says: hahaha

So the next post will be on the fun and festivities at Crankworx