Monday, August 18, 2008

Casey's Mt Tam

Some of you may know that Casey Botman was one of the founders of Banshee some 6 years ago. He's been working in the industry for abou 40 years and came from Holland with a license in bicycle mechanics to work for Bow Cycle in Calgary.
From there he started Ridley Cycle and went on to form his own distribution company that carried Gary Fisher.
He currently restores old bicycles and one of his current projects is this Gary Fisher Mt Tam. After talking to Gary he was still unable to get the original tires or a seat.

On another note, I have finished the 1983 Fisher Mt.Tam (90%) and it turned out great !! Your buddy Fran did a hell of a job on the decals. The only thing I still need is the rubber and a saddle. It would be GREAT if I could find a (new old stock) Deore XT crank set, the one on it is heavily used and has a lot of scratches etc. If I could find something better it would turn this bike like new. This was the first year of the Shimano Deore XT group.
The tires are the big thing, I have one original (FATRAX) and would love to find a new pair or a set that looks close to the tread (see attached picture).

Also heres a cool vid of the festivities at Bow Cycle last year when they celebrated their 50th. I know everyone had a great time and I was sure glad I got the invite.
Thanks to Pedal for putting this together.