Thursday, July 24, 2008

Redbull Round UP

Update: July 24th
We'll its tomorrow so come down if you're in the area and can make it. Again it starts a 6pm and runs until 8pm... I'll be there with Greg from Straitline so if you see us say hi.
I'll try to bring a bunch of stickers in my back pack

Update: July 21

Just got some more info on teh Roundup.
On the Redbull site there is more info here
So its sounds pretty freaking awesome actually

Heres from the release i just got
"Drawing on the vision of “The Claw” – Darren Berrelcoth - the course construction for this two-day showdown will be part mountain and part street and dirt jump. On day one the riders will teleport to a 1930s movie set in Chicago Town. Like any good script, this North Clark Street warehouse district will feature an innovative and challenging mountain bike lines through a classic backdrop. Among the features are a scaffold drop which will turn into a six-pack wood quarter into a street line with a variety of wall rides and step ups.

Leaping forward to 2008, day two will transport the riders to Whistler where they will be confronted with a timed run down Double Vision in the Whistler Blackcomb Bike Park. Following this timed run section, riders will continue through a judged area consisting of big mountain hits.

The Round Up posse of emerging riders will be judged by the sport’s established legends – Darren Berrecloth, Robbie Bourdon, Tyler Morland and Dave Watson - on overall style, technique and time.

Red Bull Round Up is free to the public:
Chicago Town Movie Set – July 26, 6 – 8 pm PST
Whistler Blackcomb Bike Park - July 27, 1 – 3 pm PST

For more information visit Following the event, hi-res images will be available following the event at

Also learned in addition to Alan Hepburn and Scott Alleyn... the two Myer brothers, Nick and Ryan, will also be taking part. Not sure if they'll be riding their Wildcards for the first day because it sounds like a totally dirtjumping contest but i'm sure the next day the WC will shine on the more slopestylie course.

July 15th post
Got the d/l from Heppy that he's gotten the invite into the Redbull Round up.
Big thanks to the recovering Matt Brooks for putting in a good word for Alan Heppy and Scott Alleyn.
Both Alan and Scott will be rocking the Wildcards and since we just got the first shipment of Amps he may get to do the first street/jump on it and then the next day on the WC.

Hopefully we'll get to see Scott bust out a 720 and his nfcc flip or flip super.
Following that could be Heppy's flipwhip or something he just showed me... an indian air flip

There is some tough competition too with Casey Groves, Graham Aggasiz and some other notables. The winner gets the push into the Bearclaw invitational.