Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Matej Charvat Update

'Czech national series No. 3 – Velke Karlovice

Third race of Czech national series took place on east border of Czech republic. In small ski resort called Razula.

The track, which was changed little bit compared to last year is really short (about 1:30min), fast and not too technical, but funny. These things made the race more dramatic, because all the riders were in couple of seconds. Every small mistake was punished by relentless time.

My semifinal run was really smooth, fast...but I was saving power for finals. I was 2nd fastest. 1,5sec behind 1st and 2sec in front of 3rd.

Final as always were more challenging. I was too fast and made a few mistakes. In the middle of the course I nearly crashed over the bars, but I stayed on and finished the run in smooth style.

My time was less than a second behind the winner. I am not satisfied by 2nd place. But I’m happy because I became 3rd overall after I fell from 1st place to 4th in the overall national standings when I had a flat tire three weeks ago in Spindleruv Mlyn.

Special thanks to all my sponsors. '