Thursday, July 17, 2008

Camp of Champions week 4 then off to Diablo

Alan is finishing up his stint as bike coach at the Camp of Champions. Looks like everyone had a goodtime and all the campers were stoked.
If I was a kid again I'd be soooo signing up for one of the camps. Its basically like Disneyland for riders and then you get to leave with improved skills, new friends, and tons of stories to tell your more then envious friends back home.
I know Alan was totally juiced when he got accepted as a coach and I think he'll be back next year too.

Brent Floyd, you may remember him from previous years as one of our riders, is the head coach of the camp with tons of experience formerly working with Schley and Shandro's camps.

I heard they will be off to Diablo and starting a camp there. The plan's to have the Camp o Banshee's go along with them... We hooked them up with Wildcards and Scythes and next year we hope to do the same and maybe even throw in a couple of Legends. All the campers get to not only ride the bikes but at the end of the camp if they want to buy the bikes its only 1/3rd the price of retail and with only a few weeks of riding on them and being tech'd everday - thats a pretty killer deal and another way the camp likes to take care of their campers.

I think they should do an adult camp but replace the video games with poker nights and lots of drinking.

Anyway Greg at Straitline sent me this little link and I thought I'd share it