Monday, July 7, 2008

Markolf Berchtold Travels and Results.

A report by our friend Marcel Balog from Brasil.

'June was a real marathon for Banshee rider Markolf Berchtold.

Markolf went to Europe in the end of May, the destiny was Andorra, a little country, neighbor of France, where the 2nd WC round would occur.

In Andorra, Markolf was not so lucky and fell in the seeding run. He lost precious seconds and did not qualify for the finals.

In the following week the 3rd WC round would take place in Fort William, Scotland. Markolf knows that track for a long time and was really confident for the competition.

Because of a failure in the time equipment, Markolf´s time was not registered during the seeding run. Based on his partial time he knew he could qualify, he came with an appeal for the organization and got the classification.

Unfortunately the authorization to race the finals came very late and the rider had to be the first to go down the track. With no time to prepare his self properly, Markolf did his best and was the 46th, in the middle of the best riders in the world.

Thinking of his preparation for the Worlds, that would happen 2 weeks latter in Val Di Sole, Italy, Markolf went to Vigo, Spain, where he raced the 3rd Round of the Maxxis Cup, one of the most important downhill cups in Europe.

With great determination, Markolf pedaled hard and was the 5th guy on the podium, showing the world he can be one of the fastest riders around the globe.

After this great result was time to fly to Italy and meet the best riders of the whole world.

The seeding run was not the best, the rider fell down, got up quickly and got the 54th position. Knowing he could do better, Markolf went to the finals with more determination than ever, ending the competition as the 30th fastest downhiller in the world.

The arrival in Brazil could be a stop to rest, but the Brazilian DH and 4X championship occurred in the same week, in Três Coroas, South Brazil.

After great results in Europe and with all the cheers, Markolf made his best in the muddy tracks and won the championship in both DH (on his Banshee Legend) and 4X disciplines (on his Banshee Rampant).

Follows all Banshee riders results in the Brazilian Championship.

Markolf Berchtold - 1st
Doron Cattoni - 4th
Volkmar Berchtold - 14th
Diogo Gonçalves - 18th

Markolf Berchtold - 1st
Volkmar Berchtold - 5th

Click in the link bellow to watch a vídeo of the Brazilian Chapionship.

There were 5 weeks of hard work, with amazing rewards.'

Congratulations Markolf and all the Banshee riders. We Are very proud of you all!