Thursday, July 10, 2008

Toby's new Scythe

Toby Fenner is the youngest member of the Esher Shore trail crew, and has great promise as an up and coming rider who likes both dirt jumping and "bigger jobs" that require a proper freeride bike

He also joins the ranks of riders who have broken their "trusty" Kona Stinkys and joined the enlightened search for a higher quality, performance rig

I hooked Toby up with a Scythe frame, on a great deal, and I finished building it up yesterday afternoon

His Scythe is running a Totem Coil fork, Cane Creek Double Xc headset, Hope Pro II hubs on Sun MTX rims, some big 'old Maxxis DH tires and Hayes HFX-9 brakes, with Saint cranks and E13 chain device and SRAM transmission

He wasn't expecting his Scythe until the weekend, so let's just say he was pretty damn stoked when i called his home and let him know it was all good to go

Despite the torrential rain we've been having all week here at Esher, Toby was off straight round the car park bouncing up and down

He's off to France at the end of the month, where he can give the Scythe a proper work-out and get to grips with the grin factor of riding such a sick rig ;)

Great choice Toby! Welcome to the family - PRIDE 22


Rob C