Thursday, July 10, 2008

What to do with your new viento frame

So you have a sweet hot new viento frame, and you ask "what the heck do i do with this thing?" Well obviously a rippin' multi geared mountain ripper would be the first answer. however, if you love bikes, and hate gas, you can build up a sweet xtra cycle.

Don't be afraid though... you can put 200+ lbs on this rig, thats pounds baby! Bashees are a great option for an xtra cycle because of the extremely stiff rear end.

If you have questions or concerns on options hit up the Gear Exchange out of Glenwood Springs CO. We are a Banshee and an Xtra dealer and will get you lined up super sick.

I know... it is sexy. I have Jay and Keith to thank for that. If only they could help me out now. That is a 12ft and 3 8ft 2x4ers on there. Thats a lot of wood yo. HA!