Saturday, July 12, 2008

Team Gutierrez, the Crazy Colombians!

Most of you guys who regularly check our blog will be aware of Marcelo Gutierrez. He has been riding one of the first Banshee Legend prototype (weighing in at 16.8kg (37lbs)) for 3 months now.
So far from the 6 races he has raced the bike in (4 national, 1 Pan-American championship, and one world championship) he has walked away with 5 gold medals... yes 5!!!
I have just been chatting with Hernando (that's Mr Gutierrez to you!) on skype, and he has sent me some photos from these events for your viewing pleasure.
Marcelo was also awarded a prize for sports person of the year in Columbia! You don't often see mountain bikers winning this type of prize, but Marcelo is the best DH racer in Columbia, and according to the Pan American Championships he is the best junior DH racer in the whole of America, both north and south! So maybe it is not such a surprise after all.
What most of you will not know is that Marcelo also has a 14yr old younger brother (Rafael), who is also crazy fast. Last year he won the youth category of the Pan American Championships. Check him on that podium showing the bigger kids how it is done!
Hopefully Rafael will be riding a small Scythe or legend soon and will be joining the Banshee family! Did I mention that Hernando was also national DH champion at expert level? Here he is representing on his scream with his medal round his neck!This is a FAST family portrait! Check out the proud father with his 2 sons laden in gold after both winning their categories at the Pan American Championships last year.
The future is bright for these young guns, and we at Banshee will do what we can to help support them and nurture their talent.