Sunday, July 27, 2008

UK Rune Review

Ian Dixon sent me this in... I think his rune is getting him a little excited, to the extent where he seems to have forgotten what year we are in. Sweet vid tho Ian, looks like some fun riding!

'Hi guys,

Just come back from a ride on the Rune and thought it time to put up a review so far;

I have had just over 2 weeks on the Rune so I thought it was time to share my experiences with you. The frame was ordered on the basis of the geometry, comments on the website and other reviews (maybe not the best way) so it was always going to be a risk.

Well I can honestly say after the ride today; it has all paid off. Last week was at Stainburn-a trail neither I nor the bike had been to before so it was all learning. Today was all familiar stuff; so it was a straightforward comparison (albeit with a Mongoose Teocali; my last bike)

Here goes; the Rune climbs everything the Teocali would-except I am now on flat pedals and 2.35 tyres! Going down there is no comparison-flick the pro pedal off the shock and this thing plain flies. I have now used it on pretty much everything; North Shore, DH runs, 4x tracks, technical climbs and single track and it works well on them all. But I think there is more to come; the current Pike fork is maybe a little short, so I am looking at 160mm (probably a Wotan and will mess round with stack heights to see what is best for me) this will give me 120mm going up and 160mm going down on the fly and open up all manor of stuff.

So up to now it’s all good and I will give an update once the fork has been swapped out. In the meantime all I can say is that if you are in the market for a do it all bike then this really does fit the bill. Thanks Keith and Jay, keep it up-excellent product.'