Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Legend Geometry

Well after some feedback from Marcelo and Markolf I have tweaked the Legend geometry slightly to make the bike more comfortable and stable at speed, and also made a few other changes wich will result in a stronger bike with improved preformance whilst keeping the weight down.

For those who are in the lucky 50 and supplying your own shock, make note of the new shock spacings.


Anonymous said...

Keith, can you give us an update on the Legend? Last I heard is that 2 "improved" protos were developed and a production was scheduled very soon. What are the rider's impressions of the new and imporoved proto Legend?

Keith Scott said...


Yes 2 second stage prototypes were made, which were a bit lighter, more refined and dealt with a couple of issues we had with the originals.

I have been riding one of these protos since early august, and have been puting it through its paces (maybe not in terms of speed, but in terms of abaility to take abuse) and I have to say that I am very impressed with it, and the bike has made me become a faster rider. However I still felt that some things were not quite right, so head angle will be a slacker 64Deg, and a few other small geometry tweeks. also the axles key system have been remodeled to improve preformance.

Next stage is pre production, which should be complete by the end of this month, and will have all the improvements. However these bikes are still pre production bikes, so I don't expect them to be perfect, thats why we are selling them to customers at our cost!

I'm confident that by the time the legend is released to the public, it will be an awesome frame!

Anonymous said...

Keith, I am kinda new to your site, is this the best place to get information on the Legend i.e post a comment under one of the articles, or is there a general "legend" section in your site. I was not aware that pre-production bike are being sold off, where would have I learned this kind of info?

Keith Scott said...

yeah, its probably the best way to get any info I guess. I get notified anytime anyone mates a comment, so am generally able to get back to any questions pretty quickly!

The pre-production legend info was all posted up on the blog ages ago.. this is the place to check to find out the latest news!

illmighty said...


So do the pre-production frames have the 64.5 deg. headtube or 64 deg. as said above? Also, are the toptube lengths given as actual or effective (horizontal)? Thx.

Keith Scott said...

I've changed the geometry above to what the pre production frames will have.. the TT length is effective.


illmighty said...