Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Legendary Keith Scott

For the past week or so I was hanging out with Keith Scott. Keith is Banshee’s Engineer, an avid mountain biker and an all around good guy. For the time that he was in Taiwan we were living together, working together, eating together ….  you get the idea. I think I got to know him a little bit and he probably got to know me a lot better than he wanted to.   IMG_7516 After spending four years with the Legend in design and testing Keith wanted to make sure there were no problems during production. He stopped by to hang out and take some measurements. The morning before flying back home a box of Legend rear triangles came out of heat treating. Keith set out to inspect them and I shadowed him with my camera.


Legend rear triangles in a box, waiting to be painted, polish or anodized.

   IMG_7526 IMG_7525


Making sure everything is going to fit together during assembly.



Measure, test, talk, rinse repeat … Keith measured everything in that box and then started looking for random things to measure.


Not only has Jay relocated to Taiwan to watch over things, Keith comes for random visits to make sure things are just the way he wants them. For everyone who wants a Legend, I have spent the last week immersed in it. And these two have put everything into making this bike a race winning machine. If you do not believe me, get one, race one …

Keep riding,

Rob Dunnet