Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Team Banshee Deadbros

Hey everybody! Wow, the time just flies, and here we are in the year 2010, preparing for the new race season. The quiet guys of team Banshee deadbros are no exception. Queitly lifting, riding, climbing, running, sprinting and otherwise preparing ourselves for the competitions to come. We've changed a little, added a rider or two, wich brings us up to five. Don't worry, though, dynamite comes in small packages, too.
I'm excited to announce our plans for this season. We'll be concentrating on the Mountain States Cup, but don't be suprised to see us at other events, rockin' out. Come see us at the banshee tents, you can go ride one of my bikes as long as you promise not to steal it. and leave your car keys. and your wallet. and your next of kin, you know, as colateral. I really like these bikes. So, ok, we don't have that much of a plan.
I am pretty stoked on the guys helping hold all this together. There is a lot of genuine talent here, even if we are relatively low key.
Curt Clemetson, for example. This dude is rad, Whenever I think about getting to my forties, I just hope I've got it together like him. Curt is an accomplished man, teaching skiing to the rich and famous in Aspen, ColoRADo all winter, he spends his time working hard all summer preparing the snowmaking facilities for the next season. With his busy schedule, he still manages to make all the downhill races on the MSC and a few more in Utah every year. Look out, 'cause he's THE MAN!

Nick Hansch has joined the team this year after his glorious return to ColoRADo. Nick is a sportsman, one of the best I have ever known. He's taught a lot of people a lot of things when it comes to bikes, skis and firearms. A great marksman, he's always on his line, pointing whatever weapon he has at the time right where it counts. Nick is starting out this year in CAT 2, but I'm sure he'll make a few podiums and be right on CAT 1 tails in no time. I love the style this kid carries, always showing dedication and precision to his various sports. Downhill has been a passion of Nick's for several years, and in the year to come I'm sure that will shine through.
Evan Elliott is the team's pro, and we're excited to see him come on board. The seasoned racers will know who he is, but I'll fill in for the rest of you. Evan has come up the ranks, starting in junior categories all the way to juinior expert. He has been teaching and coaching with the infamous Durango DEVO for the past few years, bringing with him experience that is so valuable to the team. This will be his second season racing pro downhill and he's got racing in his blood, some things your just born to do.

Darin Binion has lived in ColoRADo since, I think, '96. Since he's gotten here, his reputation as a rider of snowboards and single speed bikes has only gotten bigger. There's no excuse but a good one, he's earned his rep. As part owner of The Gear Exchange, Glenwood Springs' coolest gear and bike shop, his passion for outdoor sports is a catalyst for his coolness. Darin's willingness to put himself through tortures like the Leadville 100, 24 hours of Moab and too many other endurance events to list shows the dedication to a bold lifestyle he loves so much. Not many people do 100 mile pleasure rides on their single speed Paradox, do you?

And then there's Linden Carlson. A Fruita, ColoRADo native, I grew up riding bmx, road bikes and moto. That, and being a redneck. I rode all that sweet singletrack on a bmx bike before Fruita was known for mountain biking. "hey, kid, get a helmet" was the most heard phrase in my youth. Now adays, I don't ride motorcycles, mostly because my last street bike got wrecked and I never got around to the rebuild. I ride several bicycles, a little road, a little fixie, a lot of street, a lot of trail. I plan to do my best in the new to me discipline of super-d.

So that's the rundown of the team this year. We're not big and fancy, I'm still working on getting jerseys together. The team has a few sponsors. Banshee Bikes being number one, thanks for all the sic bikes you've helped us with, not to mention undying support. I'd also like to thank Crank Brothers for the deals on your amazing products, I'm really looking forward to those beautiful wheels. White Brothers\MRP has given us a lot of help, thanks Ryan for the bro deals you've hooked up, keep up the good work. I really want to give a huge shout out to Bern helmets, you guys have kept our brains in our heads way more than you know. Massive thanks to all the companies here, and we look forward to rallying all year.
I really can't say enough good things about the people and companies mentioned here. So, until next time, checkout the guys on facebook, check out the sponsors, and then you'll be able to fill in what I just can't put into words.
never stop ridin'