Monday, March 15, 2010

Fogelsode #19: Carlmont

Max, Kevin, Iggy, and I made our way out to a cool spot called Carlmont for a little change in scenery.  Upon arrival, we were instantly greeted and shown around by the locals, which was nice.  It was almost overwhelming as we checked out a series of flowy doubles, steep techy trails, flowy trails, booters, hips, and drops.  Everything was super fun and we got some sweet trains going through some of the lines.  Our buddy Josh took us to a new spot that they’re working on, with some cool step-downs, a 7-8 foot drop, and sweet s-berms.  Everyone kind of got settled here, and had a big sesh on all of the features.  The berms were awesome, as we hit them countless times, each time trying them a little faster.  We seshed that drop quite a bit too.  Iggy was busting flattys on his full downhill bike, Max was steezin it, and Kevin learned x-up-drops!  I wanted to no-foot-can it, but was a bit sketched about it because it was such a slow speed drop.  I went for it, and it ended up working out, so that got me all stoked!  Then I started thinking about tailwhipping it.  I was unsure because I had never tailwhip-dropped a full-suspension before, so I didn’t know if I would be able to get the bike around in time.  I went for it and just got the bike around as I landed, missing pedals and sliding out.  Thankfully I wasn’t hurt, so I hiked back up, tried it again, and nailed it!  That felt sooo satisfying to ride out clean!


By then it was getting dark, so we all headed down to the main area to finish the day with a sesh on some fun hips.  At that point, everyone was stoked, tired, and hungry.  Jason and Josh took us to their local taqueria for possibly the best burrito I’ve ever had!  After the final high-fives, we all cruised home in burrito comas.