Sunday, March 28, 2010

MBUK at Esher Shore Pump Track

MBUK (Mountain Biking UK) magazine visited the Esher Shore bike park in Surrey, England, UK on Tuesday to shoot an article on Pump Tracks for a forthcoming issue of their print magazine

We had huge fun riding the pump track with Doddy from MBUK and the legend that is Rob Warner!

John rode his AMP, I rode my RAMPANT and our buddy Marius rode his Ticket, Doddy and Warner were riding some "other" brands we won't mention except to say Doddy's bike was very yellow, and Rob Warner's bike a lovely turquoise blue

Doddy rode my Rampant and was somewhat surprised how quick it was on the Pump Track compared to a hardtail; John and I think the rampant is actually quicker due to better tire traction and the ability to pump the bumps and berms harder and use the return action of the suspension to generate speed...!

We are not allowed to release any of the high-res images that Steve Behr (stockfile) shot on the day including lots of RAD images taken from the roof of a nearby building, so shown above is a photoshop tweaked image of everyone riding at once, and shown below is a photoshop tweaked image of me riding my Mythic RAMPANT

The mag will be out pretty soon...more info coming soon!

the PUMP TRACK at Esher Shore won't be open for a while will be put up on the Banshee / Mythic , Freeborn, Esher Shore and Hampstead Bandit blogs once its open


Rob C
Freeborn Bikes / Mythic Bikes / Esher Shore