Sunday, March 14, 2010

VF4B video

I don't like to use marketing BS and gimmickry when it comes to promoting our bikes. I'd much rather let the bike do the talking. Normally I will tell people to try and get a test ride on the bike they are considering, as I believe in my designs and the quality of ride and manufacture of Banshee frames.

So when Strahan Loken from Vancouver Island offered to help us by filming a video showing the VF4B suspension design working on the trail, I didn't want to use any fancy graphics or make up 'fysics' like some other brand do in my opinion. I just wanted to show you the suspension working on the trail, plain and simple!

I think Strahan has done a great job with this video, showing the suspension working on a few bikes from different angles and under different riding conditions. Thanks Strahan!

Banshee Bikes: VF4B from strahan loken on Vimeo.