Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snow is the Pitts!

Hey everybody!!! Time to give y’all out there an update on my current activities with the new love of my life – my Banshee Legend MKII - and I’ve been doing heaps! Coming home from Australia, I figured I would have a little break and just be home for a few days, but little did I know that Intense Tires had sent us a variety of their downhill tire selection to evaluate for Team Geronimo. So I went out to shuttle the day after I got home, and rode 3 days straight getting the feel for these awesome tires! As soon as I said something to the manager about the weather being oddly good for this time of year here, it snowed about 6 inches. DH training over. Now off to struggle on some single track on my moto in the snow! I decided the conditions were pretty good for riding the DH bike in the snow at my house and got some pictures of a pretty cool berm-shot. It was hard pedaling in and setting up the shot because I had to refill and pack the berm every run (for extra roost action!). The first few shots were ok, but stuck my foot out, not so much roost and just bad timing on the picture (not professional photo-bro, my Mom), but after a few runs, I started to get it a bit better, Mom was zeroing in on the timing and finally, I was hitting the corner so hard I couldn’t ride out of it! The last shot was a lucky feet on snow ripper and rode out of it! So now it’s time to get back out to slip and slide on the moto, so now y’all have an idea of the woods activities in February for Graeme Pitts! Hope you enjoyed this short update, more to follow throughout the season!

Thanks to: Banshee Bikes, Hayes Bicycle Group, MRP Components, Shimano, Intense Tyres, Point One stems and platform pedals, WTB seats, Odi Grips, FSA seat posts and headsets, Crank Bros clipless pedals, Wrex Racing performance clothing, Kali Protectives helmets, Dainese Protective gear, Smith Optics and Ogio travel gear!