Saturday, March 13, 2010

Legend MKII

I am poaching this from the Straitline Blog. I would expect Greg to do the same … Check out how sexy this Legend looks ...


In between my extensive research on the net for the latest thing known to man…  I go over emails sent in from clients. What I promise to start doing is blogging everyone's rides up as you send them in, so please feel free and when I get a few together I’ll blog it up!
The Silent guides are in the Market as we speak in low volumes but the real release will be formally made next month but take a look at some guides installed.
This is Jeff Beeston of Trail Cycles up island from us in Courtney BC.
Jeff decked his Banshee Legend MKII with our guide, you may notice that he has a Straitline 50mm SSC pinch clamp stem on that Dorado.. When I asked him WTF? He mentioned it was just to test positions before he cut his steer tube to try our ULTRA 28 boXXer out so no need to comment.

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This last shot was sent in from Rob at Sun Country Cycles in Vernon after Some muddy Spring riding. And for those of you not familiar with BC well you saw Vancouver on the Olympics with blue skys and no snow.. it has been a mellow spring!


(not a Legend, but check out how well this guide works)

Keep Riding,

Rob Dunnet