Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fogelsode #4: Dirt Jump Kickball and Thanksgiving Trail Ride

Fogelsode #4 is up!  It started out with a fun little sesh at the dirt jumps, when Cob found a big red rubber ball!  We were doing a big train and Cob ran up next to a jump and held the ball above his head.  Everyone tried to kick it but the ball was too low.  I told him to throw it up when I did a tailwhip and it went flying!  Cam said we should get someone to try to catch the ball after I hit it and things got epic after that.  Cam and I did some tailwhips and we wanted to try some other tricks.  We though of no-foot-cans but figured they would just kick the ball downward.  Not for Jamie though!  He threw some huge Indian Cans and tapped the ball with his foot on one.  He went on to hit it with some nacs after that!

A few days later, on Thanksgiving, Matt, Christian, Iggy, and I got together for a trail ride.  I had just got my Rampant back up and running so I was stoked to get back on a fully!  It was sooooo much fun, especially with the short rain we got, making everything nice and loamy.  We wanted to film it a little different than most trail videos, so we set it up as staggered pairs of riders.  I was stoked how it came together and how much fun it was to ride!  There’s going to be a lot more riding on fullies in the future so look forward to that! 

At the end there were some shots of drifting at Matt’s Ranch.  He took us up there to scope for building, so we found some lines and began to do some work.  It started raining though, but we are planning on heading out there next weekend.  He’s got a tractor too, so we should have some dialed lines runnin in no time!  Without further adieu, here’s Fogelsode #4!