Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pump Track at Esher Shore

Work is progressing very well on the new PUMP TRACK at Esher Shore bike park here in England, UK

We've been putting in alot of time recently as the weather condition have been just right for digging, and the track is really starting to take proper shape with extra lines, loops and crossovers, and much deeper height berms and bumps

Here in the UK its generally quite damp, so we have been paying full attention to install proper drainage system to stop rain water from puddling - the encouraging thing is that the Track was rideable today on my Mythic Rampant despite it raining last night

Of course the Track was not super fast as the ground was a little soft, but its great news that it was fully pumpable (no pedalling) despite recent rain!

We are currently talking to Dirt Magazine about doing a feature on the Pump Track once its all open - Easter 2010 is the expected opening date, and we will be filming short video clips of the Mythic AMP and Rampant being put through their paces on the Pump Track

Photos by Jerome Abed (KrazyJay)