Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fogelsode #2: Early Post Office and the Return of Guy

Fogelsode #2 is online!  The beginning was shot at Post Office when Cob and I got out there just after sunrise to do a photoshoot with Justin Brantley.  I have to say, it felt weird riding so early, but was cool at the same time and offered some really nice lighting!  As always, Justin nailed some dialed shots, like this one:

Later in the week Matt and I headed out to the Aptos Step-Up and filmed a couple quick shots because the sunset was looking epic.  I tried some flipwhips and ended up getting my first one to pedals!  A couple days later, Guy and I seshed the Scotts Valley Step-Up so Guy could relearn his tricks after taking about two months off from riding because he had three back-to-back concussions.  We ended the day by meeting up with Iggy and Matt at the new pumptrack that we are working on, and tested out what we have so far.  Enjoy!