Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One to watch out for...

Last summer I was chilling out in the Whistler air dome with our team rider Alan Hepburn, and got chatting to a very proud father who was there with his kid. His kid's name is Dakota Martin and he is a name to watch out for in the future as even at the age of 12 he was pulling massive no foot cans and back flips with good style.

I helped out and offered him a grass roots deal, since him and his dad were heavily involved in their local biking scene, so felt like it was about time the bike industry gave something back. (Not to mention the kid kills it!)

So last week Dakota e-mailed me to tell me that he is now officially the fastest 13 yr old on a BMX in Canada, after winning his age class at the Canadian BMX Nationals. He is currently classed #1 in Canada and #6 in the states for BMX racing.

He also sent me some pics of him riding his Wildcard. That half pipe is one that he and his dad built in their backyard in Kelowna, BC. They also open up their yard to local riders to ride it and keep the kids off the street! Good people!

So the kid has speed and style, as well as a good attitude and determination to progress in the sport, and the support of a proud family. That sounds like a winning combo to me. He just needs to learn to smile for the camera! haha

Dakota Martin remember that name!