Monday, November 23, 2009

Fogelsode #3: Rainy Step-Up and AT's Showdown

Fogelsode #3 is up!  I filmed the Post Office footy while taking a break from riding during a shoot with Guy and Josh for “The Locals.”  If you think the shots I got looked epic, you should see the shots Josh got!  He’s the first one to ever set up cable-cams at Post Office and nailed some amazing shots!  A few days later we got some rain and Christian was in town and wanted to ride, so we seshed the step-up and got some shots there.  You may have heard about AT’s Showdown in San Francisco, which went down Saturday.  That’s where the rest of the vid was filmed.  The comp was crazy with HUGE jumps.  The course began with a steep hill into a giant step-down.  You were haulin’ after that, so the next jump was an 8 foot tall kicker with a 35 foot gap!  Hands down the biggest jump I’ve ever hit!

The Step-Down!

The First Jump!

The last two jumps had 8 foot lips as well, with smaller gaps.  The format was a 1 hour qualifying jam where the top 16 qualify.  They move onto a dual-slalom type “showdown” bracket where 16th qualifier and 1st place qualifier each do one run, and the better run moves on.  This is done 15th against 2nd, 14th against 3rd, and so on.  Same goes for the next three rounds until the winner is determined.  I thought it was pretty cool because it was totally different from any other jump comp.  It would have been nice for each rider to get 2 runs instead of 1 though.  In the qualifying jam I did some tailwhips over the 2nd double and threw a cork flip, 3whips, and a flipwhip on the last.  The last jump was hard to clear, especially for flipping it, but I ended up riding out of most things.  I’m stoked on the flipwhip!  I ended up seat-landing and riding out, which was a relief as it was the first one I tried to dirt!

I ended up qualifying 14th, so I made it in!  In my final run I tailwhipped the 2nd jump and tried a 3-whip on the 3rd.  I missed my bike when I went to kick it and tried to bring it around, but landed sketchy and slid out.  It was a sick day though!  I was stoked alone on hitting those jumps, so getting to ride them all day with everyone was awesome!  My friend Iggy filmed the whole day so I could have some footage to use for the video.  Overall it was an awesome comp and I can’t wait till the next one! 

Also, word on the street is my friend Mike could be getting the ramps from the comp, so we’ll definitely be busy building, riding, and shooting if that’s the case!

Anyway, here’s Fogelsode #3!  Enjoy!