Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stop Two: Kamloops (Kool Amps)

We got to Kamloops around noon on Monday and were at the trail head a couple of hours later. We rode Harper two years ago and skipped a lot of the jumps. For the past two years we have been saying we should have hit that.

The first stunt we found was a three pack that looked huge the last time we were in Kamloops. We rolled into it and cleared all three jumps with ease.

There was probably a couple of more small jumps and stunts before we found the next jump we sessioned. The gap was about a 15 foot wood to wood. I am not a big fan of wood landings and this one had "Hurtin Albertan" carved into it. We ended up staying there longer than planned because I got a flat ... but it gave us time to hit it a couple more times.

James with a table on the Hurtin Albertan.

Garth stepping up his game for the camera.

James' table from another angle.

After my flat tire and a spoke tighten we were running short on time. We headed back down to the truck in time for one more run. On our second trip it was not long before we found an awesome wood booter to dirt landing. After a couple of speed checks James rolled in and got what I think is the best picture of the trip so far.

The other pictures of this jump are pretty good too so check them out.

We are now in Fernie and have a couple of hard days of roofing before we can get in some more riding. But we should be able to squeeze in an evening ride here and there before a couple of more shuttle days.

I posted a couple of more pictures on pinkbike so check there if you want more. I hope to post some more shots from Whistler there too.