Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stop One: Whistler

James and I headed up to Whistler on early Thursday morning. We started the day with a couple quick laps of A-Line to get our bikes set up for Canadian riding. The lower part of the mountain was a little bit busy so we headed up the mountain to Freight Train. We ended up stopping to session a jump and take a couple of pictures.

We ended Thursday with a couple trips down Duffman and a couple laps of A-Line.

The riding was so good that we did not want to stop much to take pictures. But on Friday we made a point to stop and session some jumps on Freight Train. A-Line was too busy to stop on so we stuck to the stuff a little higher up the mountain.

Late on Friday we found Dirt Merchant. Too bad we did not find it earlier in the day because it was as smooth as a hot asian with the curves and bumps in all the right places. We rode it a couple of times late in the day with sore hands and big smiles.

Helmets on, Shirts off.


P.S. sorry for the horrible layout ...