Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sick Lines Project: Banshee Legend MK1

I was just searching the interweb when I found an updated post on the www.sicklines.com project build of the Legend MK1.

Click on the picture to see the write up or click here.

Blogger Norbert said...

What are the key differances between the production version and the one sicklines got? I know there won't be the 7'' travel setting and some other stuff but lets get specyfic ;)

So i was writing in the comments but then it got really long and figured others would like to see what i said so.
Basically Keith should have the last of the changes done in about a month or so and then I'll be going over the production with the manufacturing engineer to figure out the best way to put it together and make sure all the critical dims are nailed, as well as setup the testing processes that we need to have done during the production. There is a lot we need to do after the drawing is ready so its my job to make sure every step is looked at for conformance.
So Keith will probably post up all his changes soon but quickly a lot of what Jason at Sicklines commented on in his opinion of the Legend has already been addressed such as BB height, small high speed sensitivity, chainguide fit... basically everything he said that could have shown some slight improvement has been reworked already- you'll see when we release the new details.
The production Legend will be the MKII version as it has significant enough changes from the MKI to clearly differentiate the 2 apart. I plan to do a small run in October/November of 50 units that will be available to purchase for the public.
I feel confident that we've done our due diligence over 4 seasons of real world testing and the changes that are being made are slight performance enhancements, and things you wont see that allow us to manufacture it easier. Overall you shouldn't be able to visual see the differences in the frame until you get up close and can compare the two. Weight should be the same at 8.5 so picking up the bike again won't be too much difference.

Hope that helps a little until Keith throws up all the changes in specifics