Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time to get RAMPANT

Every bike brand has a "niche" model which isn't huge on sales, but is perhaps, the 'hidden gem' in the range

It seems the Rampant could be that bike for Banshee / Mythic, its somewhat obscure as everyone knows about the Wildcard and Rune, but less is known about the Rampant

Sales are starting to move on the Rampant which is encouraging because I have been banging the Rampant drum for some time now

It takes time for a new model to permeate the riders' consciousness as they see one being ridden in their local woods, hear about it on a blog or website, or come into our Esher shop looking for a "play bike" and I step up with 'this is exactly what you need!'

The Direct pricing we offer on Mythic means the rider gets a KILLER deal on a sick frame, it undercuts all of the serious competing brands (we are not talking about the re-badge "brands") and of course the manufacturing and design is off the hook

This Rampant, below, belongs to our customer James, who walked in yesterday with a Trek Remedy (from a few years back), and walked out today with a Rampant

James' Rampant is the Short size with Fox RP2 air shock, Rockshox Pike 454 Air U-Turn, Cane Creek headset, Easton bars, Mavic rims on Hope hubs, Maxxis High Rollers, Shimano XT cranks, the latest E13 SRS, SRAM X-o mech and X-0 shift pod, and DMR pedals, lock-on grips and Void saddle

Feels nice and light, he tried it outside the shop when he collected and was stoked..he's heading off riding tomorrow, and doing some DH uplift at Cwm Carn on the weekend

happy trails!

Rob C