Wednesday, July 22, 2009

UKDI Race#3, Jogja, Indonesia

So its been 6 months of me trying to be a geek, which actually worked out alright. Except the part where I haven’t been riding at all. There really is too much to write about, but I’ll try and keep it short and not bore everyone to sleep. (Ok, I failed big time at trying to keep it short. Whoops!)

This race is the 3rd of 4 races in the Indonesian National Series (UKDI), located on the hills surrounding the city of Jogja. The track was pretty straight forward, berms on most corners, a few jumps and drops, a couple of them were quite big. A short root section which was quite fun too. The track can be split into two parts, the top section which flows really nice, a few straights where you can get on the gas.

Just before you enter the bottom section, there is a real man's section. The top elite guys were doing off the brakes. It’s a long straight with some gradient, a tight berm waiting for you at the bottom, and a down slope after the berm into a whoop section which slows you down. The bottom section is slightly flatter, with two short pedaling sections, with a big drop in the middle which will give you huckers neck. By no means was is an easy track, sure you can cruise down it and it will be piss easy, but once you get on the gas and try to put down a good time, everything seems to catch you out. Its also key to not go all out up top as you need to sprint to make the small landing for the big drop.

The atmosphere at the track everyday was great, it was nice racing with a big crew of us from Singapore and Malaysia. Its been a while since that happened. It was also really nice to be able to race with Jr Stanley, my new team mate on Fakawi-Banshee, sorry I couldn’t spend more time practicing with you dude! I was struggling myself! Was great fun hanging with the KK crew too, boshe to finish off was awesome!

me and ian 'warming up' aka playing around before the finals.
photo by: Bernadetta Tri Sashanti

Practice went ok, well, pretty shit really. If it wasn’t for Ian I probably would have given up, I was riding like an ass. Was just doing trains with Ian and trying to have fun. I have lost my race head somewhat, in those six months. In the 3 days of practice, I crashed 8 times. 6 on one day, which included a really stupid/funny crash where I was riding the masters track for fun, ate shit on a tight berm I didn’t know about and hence going too fast for. There was slight contact between my shin and my shifter, which left my shin bloody and the shifter not a shifter anymore. Felt like a right idiot after that.

crowd at the big drop.
photo by: yamm

I did eventually man up and try out the big drop, if I am not mistaken it’s a 3m drop with a 5m gap to a landing that really isn’t big enough. You have to sprint hard to make the landing, and the hard part was not the drop, even though it prayed on everyone’s minds. The hard part was making the tight berm after the drop. Your suspension barely has time to unload before you hit it. In the 5 times I tried the drop, I made the berm twice, only once with good speed. I also took out two mango trees while practicing it. I do have to say that the Rune took the hits like a man, it was a hard bottom out but still not bent bolts or anything bad. Me on the other hand was not that manly, it was a hard decision but I decided to just roll the drop in the finals. It was only a second slower, but I rather play safe then screw up the whole run just for a second. I knew I didn’t have the fitness to get on the podium anyways, so was just aiming for a run I was happy with myself.

rolling the big drop.

Come finals, all I wanted was a good clean run. I got a 1.52 for my seeding and was looking to take 3-4 seconds off to put me around the 1.49-48 mark. I along with all the other non Indonesia riders were down first, which was nice since there was live electronic timing with a split at the finish line. I was very chilled for the finals, just reminding my self to stay off the brakes and pedal. That middle section I talked about earlier I did finally hit off the brakes, hit the berm so hard I launched out of it and missed the whole downslope after it and nearly to flat just before the whoops. Stoked! Rest of the run was smooth and pedaling where I could. Rolled the drop, the crowd there was mental, I could hear them but didn’t see any of them. Crossed the finish line, got a 1.48. Was really happy about it, Ian was there already, and he had a smug look on his face, he beat me by 0.02 seconds. Ian rounded off the top 10, I got 11th place. Me and Ian were the only two riders who didn’t drop, he was faster on the top section, but I made up time on the bottom. Its always close between me and him, 6065- hell yeah!

First place went to the local boy, Ditra. He pulled out a smoking run, a 1.43. Big props to him, his first win in elite at the age of 19 and he did it in style!

photos by: Eris Mahpud

race winner Ditra scrubbing off the drop. BRAAAP!

Result Final MEN ELITE
1 082 Yavento Ditra Pranata INA19900430 Aldomaru ELGATOsba Polygon AdiMitra RideBuddies DIY 1'43.829 1st
2 086 Popo Ario Sejati INA19860724 PAL 1'44.029 2nd
3 117 Nurwarsito INA19780617 IKABUSANA CHAMDEVO,POLYGON SRAM/ BMTB,SBM 1'44.658 3rd
4 037 Purnomo INA 19841212 United Bike Kencana ISSI Kota Malang 1'45.118 4th
5 083 Agus Suherlan INA19831009 SCOTT Folker MTBike-m Sumedang Jabar 1'46.536 5th
6 008 Afrizal "Icank" Brasco INA19860401 Aldomaru ELGATOsba AdiMitra RideBuddies Jogyakarta 1'46.853
7 005 Candra "Kam's" Purnamawan INA19860505 Oakley DC AGsuspension PowerBalance Universitas Budi Luhur RideBuddies Bogor 1'47.003
8 194 Priyo "Gracia" Susanto INA 19781110 United Bike Kencana Team Jakarta 1'47.479
9 225 Sugianto "Hoho" Setiawan INA 19781022 United Bike Kencana Team 1'47.880
10 365 Ian Krempl SIN19880714 Unsprung-Deity SG Singapura 1'48.519
11 360 Adam Faroze Ahmed MAS19880919 Fakawi Banshee Malaysia 1'48.537
12 201 Rofianta INA19810903 Ikabusana-Charmdevo-BANSHEE-SRAM/BMTB-MAS BOSH-MAKMUR 1'48.613
13 319 Tan Hong Chun SIN19791019 Aguspension Racing Team Singapura 1'49.022
14 312 Jr Stanly Jalip MAS19870310 FakawiBanshee KCC Malaysia 1'52.556
15 247 Mand Herman SIN19740527 DHC L&T Cycles Element Racing 2'17.467

A big thanks to all my sponsors, Fakawi, Banshee, No Tubes, Deity, mom and dad for the flight tickets. Big thanks to the guys at Elgato racing team for taking me in, and everything else. Cheers for the shifter, fixing my brakes and the tires Pak Thara! Really wish I can make the next race at Cilegon, but studies come first. There are going to be quite a few top world cup riders and big name free riders for that race, so don’t miss out!!

One last thing, this was my last time on the Rune. It will be missed dearly! Next bike is going to be a Scythe with a shorter shock, will do a short write up and pics once I get some time on it.

Less manly than a Rune,