Friday, July 17, 2009

Roadtrip to Goatstyle

pbpic3712321After 12 hours of driving from whistler to creaston BC, myself ,reece and Lachie arrived for Goatstyle. As soon as i got out of the car i witnessed 5 crashes in a row on the last jump, there were so many kids trying to send it and this was only practice on Thursday. I went to go register and the clouds opened up and a 2 hour down pour began so everyone went for cover. Once the rain stopped the course dried out super fast and a sloppy but fun jam was had on the last two jumps.

The next day was all practice and Friday night lights which was a best trick contest held at 9.30pm. Practice went fine just flowed the course not really doing many tricks ,just chilling. Again the younger kids were hucking there meat on a bunch of tricks which made for many more entertaining crashes, but props to all who threw down in practice. Big ups too Dustin Greenall and Casey Groves for building a super fun and smooth course too. So practice wrapped up and it was dinner time and a little rest before the big show later that night.

5936_90397367613_70159267613_1765702_4555961_nFriday night lights turned out to be probably one of the craziest hour of riding on a couple jumps i had ever seen. Everyone was trying there banger tricks, and with the rider line up that there was it made for some really good riding, everything from flipwhips, 360 whips, double whips, front flips, super flips, 360 inwards, double truck drivers, 720s and more were all thrown down in that hour. With money being handed out for every big trick landed everyone wanted a slice of the pie. I landed my super flips and 3 inward then i was thinking of what else to try so i figured i'd give flip superman seat grab indian airs a try, i had gotten a few into foam prior to goat style so it was worth a try i guess and if there was ever a time to start trying them this was it. first attempt sucked, 2nd attempt was close and felt like it would have worked just like in the foam but i ditched last second.
3rd attempt resulted in my front wheel looking like a taco so that was the end of my night. Tt was a super fun jam tho and all the riders were cheering and stoked on each other so what more can you ask for.

Saturday was qualifiers, all went pretty well i guess i got my 1st run clean which got me through to the finals. 2nd run was going fine until i over cleared the 1st jump at the bottom on a cork 1 hand Xup and landed flat destroying my rear wheel sending me into the ground with a nice straitline pedal stuck in my ribs, all was good tho a little winded but fine 5 minutes. After that it was more rest time and just chilling out. pbpic3712321

Sunday finals and the weather was perfect, a little hot but no wind and no rain so it was perfect. Finals started at 4pm and a lot of riders layed down amazing first runs. My first run went as planned so i was stoked to get one in the bag and not have much pressure on me for the 2nd run. Again tho 2nd run i crashed haha, went a little to fast in to the last jump as the course had gotten a bit quicker as it got bone dry. Anyway looped out on a 3inward and sailed to flat getting a bruised heel for my efforts, but whatever it was a fun day and the other riders rolled the dice too on there 2nd runs, a lot ending in crashes but some killing it and making it through.
Eric lawrenuk had a killer first run with some banger tricks at the end which got him a well deserved first place and a 1 way ticket to crankworx.

All and all it was a rad weekend, i'd like to say thanks to reece for driving me to goat style, Casey Groves parents for letting us dirtbags stay in there room the whole weekend(thanks so much), and Casey himself for letting me use his spare wheels after i destroyed both mine.
Also thanks to Banshee, Straitline and Raceface for there support.

-Alan Hepburn