Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More from Matej

Hey Keith...just little summary of last month...

First two weeks of this month I was forced off the bike. I crashed in 4X
race which I did just for fun in my home city of Prague. I strained some
ligaments in my left wrist and had to wear a cast for 4weeks.

After 2 weeks and consultation with my doctor I decided to remove the cast
and try to race on European Champs! I've had to tape my wrist and wear
special fixation over it. I did some training runs, felt on it in seeding
run, but still was able to ride with just little pain. I did smooth run in
Final and finished 9th!!! Hey, I think it's not too bad ;)

Matej Charvat - European Champs 2009 from on Vimeo.

Next week, bad luck! I crashed in world cup quali in Maribor, Slovenia. That
kept me off the pace...

Last weekend I participated in second race of the National Series which took
place near to east border of Czech Republic in small ski resort called Velke
Karlovice. Actually, this area is striked by the flood. The race wasn't
exception. Whole day of unstopable rain. I was really motivated to win after
victory in first race. I did pretty agressive run with a lot of mistakes,
but in this extreme conditions I was the lucky boy which made it down in
fastest time! I did a little gap between me and the others in overall.

Legend is Awesome...


Matej Charvat