Sunday, May 17, 2009

Camp of Champions at Whistler season opener

pbpic3433943What a great kick off to the season at Whistler and thanks to all the sponsors beside Banshee that were there.

Camp of Champions, Straitline, Transition, Redbull, Kokanee, and big thanks to the Longhorn for letting us camp out.

There were a ton of prizes given away including a super pimped out with all Straitline gear Banshee Wildcard.

DSCN1015We arrived and there was still quite the chill in the air but that didn’t stop a ton of riders showing up and taking in the opening. Its always fun to be at Whistler even if we have to work and don’t get a chance to ride. We were pretty busy all day which and it made the hours fly by. It also doesn’t hurt that there is a bar right behind the tent and the crew from Trident sports – our distributor – made the most of it.  Big thanks to Tony and Dalen for making it possible to be there.

DSCN1014Greg arrived with Alan Hepburn so it was good to see those guys. Alan will be doing another season coaching with the Camp and he makes the pilgrimage every year from Australia to teach kids and help improve their skills.

Ken really puts on a great camp and its great to be a part of it, pbpic3433909and the season opener really showed he knows how to organize things. I was amazed at the number of prizes… there must have been over 10K given out and over 100 things from helmets, pads, bike parts, camp lessons, and also the complete wildcard. We must have had over 1200 people enter to win the bike as 60 sign up sheets were filled up with about 30names per sheet.

pbpic3431257In the end there could only be one and Eric was the lucky guy. I was super stoked to see it go to someone who was going to ride it and not sell it. He was nursing an injured ankle from riding but lived in Whistler and planned to use it as much as possible.

Anyway it was awesome to be there and were going to plan to do it again next year.pbpic3431058pbpic3431044           

Thanks to the Camp for use of some of their pictures