Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ben Nylen Podiums in Aus

In Ben's words, with some race pics...

'Hey everyone,
Just thought id share a lil report on the Australian NSW state round that was help on the weekend.

Was a good fun track nice and flowy with a few good sections and jumps in the track so was looking to be a good race.

After qualifying early morning Sunday the times were all on the same seconds for the top 5-8 riders and was looking to be pretty tight and interesting racing to be ahead.
After having a good easy chilled out qualy run i knew i had plenty left in the tank for finals but still knew i was gonna have to give it all to get up the top box.

Come race run was feeling good i could do it, my run was pretty dam solid and i was happy with it right down to the last section where i came close to blowing it all away when i clipped a tree with my arm but just holding myself up to get to the finish upright.

Came across the finish to find myself in first place with 1 rider to come down and it happened to be that rider knocked me off top spot by a flat 1 second faster then me!

All in all happy with my place happy with how the weekend panned out!
Yet again overly happy with the bike AGAIN helping keep me on game!

keep it pinned!'

Congrats Ben, good riding!