Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blog Hogs

My knee felt pretty good today. I was able to make a couple passes on the pump track/beginner line. I can not bend my knee enough to actually pedal, but it does not hurt to stand up on a bike. The doctor said to rest so I spent most of today behind the camera. Here are a couple of shots that I think turned out pretty good.

James getting some decent air off a roller. James is my older brother. He is an animal on a bike, his favorite move is the side mount and he likes long walks on the beach. Sorry ladies and gents ... he is taken.

Penny right behind him. Penny is a female racer here in Taiwan, she likes to ride fast and will jump pretty much anything we tell her too. Careful boys she is single.

A little while later some people showed up. While James and Penny kept riding they were pretty happy with just watching.

Most of the guys who showed up were riding full on DH bikes. A couple of them started to follow James and Penny down the pump line but were having some trouble with the corner at the end. James showed them how to get it done.
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