Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bring back the Scirocco??

So I keep getting emails like this.
As you know we really listen to you guys and as much as we can we like to make decisions based on what you really want us to do. For me this is as much your bike company as it is ours, so with that read on and let us know what you think

Hi guys!

I think you guys are crazy discontinuing the most awesome HT frame on the market!! :-O Now I'm doomed to sit here wasting precious to-be-bike-riding-time writing enquiries all over the world (from Malaysia to USA) trying to find a Banshee Scirocco in size L, but nothing. @Ebay worldwide:
nothing! Who is going to sell such a frame if once owned!?!
I must admit that I'm really in love with the sexy "team black/white" (I get tears in my eyes any time I look at its picture in the blog..) but given the desperate situation I would be happy to find any frame at all.
And this is kind of sad because I know a Scirocco would fell like a fish in the water having some hard rides e.g. around the "Schwarzwaldklinik"
(Black Forest Clinic) just around the corner.

My last resource is the source. So have you guys any idea of what else I could try? IOW who do I need to bribe? Yes, I'm really desperate! :)

Best regards from Stuttgart, Germany
Raphael van Uffelen

P.D. my love:

So you can email us or just post in the comments but is this a bike that needs to come back?