Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Braden’s Legend report

As promised, here we go! DSC_0092

Just cleaned her up and got the photo's going!

And here is a little write up to go with the photos!!

So it came the time of the year where the bikes from last season sold, and it was time to find what i would soon be pointing down hill at very high speeds. After doing alot of research, i was torn between alot of bikes, until December, when i met up with Scott Currie and Scott Hermanson at Bow Cycle. I had sent Trident Sports an e-mail a while back asking about the availability of the Legend MK1 and what it would run me, when soon enough i was at work, and get a call from Scott saying "Hey Braden, were going to have a Legend MK1 down at our booth on the weekend for Inter-Bow, so why not swing by tomorrow before it gets crazy busy and we can talk bikes?!" I was surprised from the call, but i was on board the second he told me! Sure enough i went down there, and was first off shocked by the aesthetics of the Legend. I couldn't stop staring, it was such a sexy bike! After talking for a while with the Scott's, i had come to the conclusion that i would be riding a Legend MK1 for 2009. I was super excited! DSC_0084

Time could not have gone any slower through out the 4 months i had to wait out for the production line to be sent to Canada. Being one of very few riders around the world to get a chance to be on a Legend this year, i could not have been anymore excited! Once i got the call from Scott H that my frame was in, i booked it up to Bow and paid my dues. I was more then happy to drive the 45 minutes because if i had to wait any longer for the frame to arrive, i would have lost my mind! Shortly after i was able to get the build going, and with the help of Scott H, he supplied a temporary rear shock because mine had not arrived yet! There were a few quirks and little mind bending kinks that had to be worked out in the build process, but after a couple hours of working, a couple phone calls, and a couple slurpees, it was all good to ride! DSC_0063

First ride was at MT. Swansea in Invermere. This was the maiden voyage for the Legend! My mind was all over the place as to how the bike would handle, but after shredding down the first steeps of the trail, i knew it would be a fun day! After the day, i knew this bike was for me! Im a tall guy, 6'4, and this bike is long and low, which is exactly what every DH racer needs! I was very impressed as to how the bike popped in and out of corners. It always wanted me to lay it down on every corner, and on other bike i have rode i have never felt so comfortable getting so low except for on the Legend. It weighs in at 38.5lbs, but it feels like it weighs as much as my 30lb DJ bike when jumping and riding it in general! After fine tuning the suspension and getting everything set up to my liking, i know im gonna have a very fun season on this bike! The suspension design works in a way that it takes every square edge hit and is stiff enough that it doesn't flex around corners. The Low Leverage ratio helps alot in the cornering process, and the maneuverability of the bike. The low BB did not take any time to get use to. This bike feels right at home on the Trails and the DH tracks. I am thoroughly impressed with the way it handles and the way it rides. It is definitely worth the money! With the Zero-Stack reducers, it helps drop the front end alot, and having the front end set up quite low, it feels right at home with the rest of the geo on the bike!

If you like to ride your bike hard, fast, and down hill, then i suggest getting your legs over a Banshee Legend! This bike has yet to let me down, and from the ride time i've had on it, i am certain i won't have to worry about being let down. Banshee/Pacific Cycles has definitely stepped up to the plate with the Legend MK1 and it is now a whole new ball game!

Banshee Pride!

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