Saturday, May 16, 2009

Winterberg is go

My buddy Jesus John (Mythic Wildcard) and I are flying out to Paderborn at the start of June to sample the awesome "Winterberg" Bike Park in Germany

I've been out to Whistler 3 times, and have immensely enjoyed myself, but wanted to see what Europe had to offer, and of course its about 1/3rd of the price with a 1 hour flight time which is always more pleasurable!

Check out the photo below, its part of their new "Slopestyle" course which looks awesome, photos are popping up all over the 'interweb

I'm taking my Mythic Rampant as I think it's the ideal choice for a bike park rammed full of North Shore and Dirt Jumps / Slopestyle runs

John and I plan to shoot a bunch of footage out there, will report back soon!


Rob C
London, England