Sunday, May 10, 2009

Benny Power - Boosting Toowoomba

Here is a short video of Benny Power boosting a jump at Toowoomba Queensland Australia last Sunday during round 3 of Sunshine Series on his new Legend which was having it's first race. Unfortunately, Benny hit a rock on the side of the track with his right foot and pedal which stopped him dead from 50-60kph and flipped him down the track. He managed to get back on and finish the race in 5th place for Under 19 Men. He is now on crutches undergoing physio so he can race in 3 weeks time - fortunately no broken bones just deep bruising and tendon strain.

The photos above show the rock garden preceeding the jump which you must carry speed through and a still shot of Benny during qualifying boosting the same jump.  The guy to the right with his mouth agape!! is Benny's principal sponsor, Darren Bowman (Brisbane Boutique Bikes - Barspin Imports) and Australian Banshee Bikes importer/distributor.