Saturday, November 1, 2008

I know i need to attach the front brakes

Ok well here are the pretty pics before i beat this thing down tomorrow.

After some grinding of the Gamut guide I got it to work with the Saint Cranks... i decided the guide was better to grind then the cranks :P

Pretty happy with it... its not the final build but I can't wait for parts just to ride it. I've never been one to treat my rigs like parking lot princesses... i'd rather ride.
No weight yet prolly around 40 I think... lots of places to cut serious chunck out to but I don't really care at this stage. I just want to go ride it tomorrow and make sure this round of production is totally dialled.

I think it looks pretty good although I've got a few comments on color etc and what parts I should change but hey its working and thats all i really care about at this point.
Parking lot test feels good... damn the bike is silent until you pedal and then the usual chainguide noise kicks in.
Pivots feel good and the suspension feels plush... can't wait to get on some dirt.Build to date is
Legend Frame
Manitou 6way
RockShocks Worldcup
Alex Rims and Novatech hubs, DH Tubes x2 and WTB wire bead Dissents 2.5
Juicy 5s
SX5 shifter with X9 rear
Shimano Saint 36T w/Gamut p30
Welgo pedals
WTB saddle
Kalloy seatpost
Funn bar, stem, and grips
Heavy chain, heavy cog blah blah blah
Hope you like the pictures