Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whoops... so thats why you do prototypes

as anyone knows who works with turning a drawing into an actual product, whether it be on a construction site, building airplanes, or even less complicated bicycles, sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men go a little squirrely; as has been the case with the Paradox. No big deal really as we tack the frame together with a few spot welds and then start basically doing what we're doing, checking to make sure there aren't interferances and alignment is correct before doing the full welds.
So once we get the new bends adjusted on the seat and chainstays we won't have the brake rotor rubbing against both of them. Also I'd like a little more clearance for higher knobs so instead of using a tube I think we'll just use a plate in a slight V shape to give a good amount of mud clearance for the rear tire.
All in all though i'm super stoked on the bikes lines, and its pretty light. I'll fire up a final weight when it all gets put together with all the welds. In the pic there will be a BB drop so the pic isn't aligned totally perfect to show what the angles will actually be - you'll need to imagine it or use the rotation tool in photoshop to see.
Anyway i'll have more updates as we go... I'm pretty stoked on this bike.